Manhattan Associates optimises supply chains of Clarins and Sephora

With the support of Manhattan’s solutions, SDV operates Clarin’s regional distribution centre (RDC) in Singapore.

Supply Chain commerce solutions provider Manhattan Associates, Inc. announced that SDV, the global leader in supply chain management services, has successfully deployed Manhattan Associates’ Warehouse Management solution (WMS) to orchestrate the regional supply chain operations of Clarins and Sephora in South East Asia.

French company Clarins is an international manufacturer and distributor of cosmetics, skincare and perfume brands. With the support of Manhattan’s solutions, SDV operates Clarins’ regional distribution centre (RDC) in Singapore which, in turn, replenishes the cosmetics group’s country level distribution centres (DCs) throughout Asia Pacific. The RDC also distributes Clarins’ products directly to the local Singapore market, handles returns from local stores and manages inventory flows within Asia, between France and Asia and from the Singapore hub to global destinations.

According to Manhattan Associates, its Warehouse Management Solution helps SDV in a number of ways: drive operational improvements within the RDC – including the optimisation of warehouse space and picking productivity; streamline batch decoding to better manage manufacturing and expiry dates; and improve service levels to stores and franchisees across the region.

Sephora, a Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy (LVMH) group company and global perfume and cosmetics brand, has also benefitted from the SDV’s deployment of Manhattan’s Warehouse Management Solution. SDV manages DCs for Sephora in both Singapore and Thailand. The Singapore DC delivers Sephora products directly to stores in both Singapore and Malaysia while the Thailand DC is dedicated to serving stores in Thailand only. Both DCs also handle returns and ensure products are compliant with local sales and tagging requirements.

With Manhattan’s technology, Sephora has seen the introduction of a perfectly orchestrated FEFO (first-expired, first-out) picking methodology and batch-picking for mixed carton preparation while space utilisation and DC operation productivity has also improved.

“SDV is rolling out Manhattan’s Warehouse Management solution – and other components from its Supply Chain Commerce Platform – all over the world, and the successful deployments at Sephora and Clarins have really been textbook projects involving a combined team from Manhattan, SDV and the client teams in each case,” commented Jean-Yves Gras, Supply Chain and Logistics director at SDV.