Tmall adds IT brand Crucial

Tmall has expanded its array of brands with the addition of IT brand Crucial, which offers a wide range of computer memory upgrades (DRAM) and solid state drives (SSDs).

Crucial has launched an online store in China through the assistance of Export Now, which helps US companies reach Chinese consumers. is China’s e-commerce business-to-consumer platform with over 500 million registered customers.

The new Crucial store is directly accessible on Tmall at , or via .

“Crucial launched its first online store in the US over 17 years ago, so we’re no stranger to the world of e-commerce. However, this is our first direct online presence in China,” said Roddy McLean, Crucial’s worldwide e-commerce marketing manager. “With the help and guidance from Export Now to launch the store, we now have access to the largest consumer market in the world.”