Get Reach Quick – via diversified digital platforms

SingTel Advertising has a portfolio of outstanding digital assets that advertisers can leverage to reach different target audiences.

Unlike any other media platform owner, SingTel is able to offer advertisers many key benefits including size of reach (potential to reach millions of viewers), access to highly targeted and receptive audiences, and flexibility to customise integrated campaigns using its diverse platforms.

The richness of its media platforms means advertisers can create messages that ‘touch’ the target audience in a most relevant way that align with their lifestyle habits, for example, NewsLoop content, AMPed music, the HungryGoWhere app and SingTel mio TV programmeseach reach out to different captive audiences who actively choose to receive the content.

IPTV Marketing 

SingTel mio TV is a service that allows multimedia content, including on-demand content, to be viewed on any television set. With a subscriber base of 418,000 households and growing, SingTel mio TV reaches a diverse audience demographic in terms of age, language use and interests.

App Icon - 512 x 512 roundedWith more than 130 channels spanning an assortment of languages and genres from the latest lifestyle, music and entertainment content to popular documentaries, children’s programming and news, SingTel mio TV attracts the young and the old to tune in their favourite programmes. The variety of channels and programmes allow advertisers to reach wide audiences, or they can also choose to reach very specific audiences of their choice.

Key programmes like the Barclays Premier League soccer matches and Are You Hokkien?, a local production which is the No. 1 show on the Jia Le channel, enjoy very high viewership ratings.

logoWith ever-growing content catering to exclusive audiences, SingTel mio TV is a premier media platform that offers advertisers a higher share of voice in a less cluttered environment.

Digital Marketing, Singapore’s lifestyle guide to movies, events and fashions, is a versatile platform that allows advertisers to generate high traction and engagement with their audiences.

inSing’s web and mobile banner advertising solution allows advertisers cross-platform display of their advertisements.

Beyond banner advertising, custom-designed content and video ads allow advertisers to create original, valuable and relevant content that better engage their specific audiences.

Another popular platform is, Singapore’s No. 1 food and dining portal. From recipes and restaurant online reservations to hawker and buffet food recommendations, HungryGoWhere shows Singaporeans and tourists where to eat and what to eat.

“inSing and HungryGoWhere are great platforms for advertisers because they fit right into the lifestyles and interests of Singapore consumers. They are also proven platforms. inSing attracts three million users a month and generate 14 million page views. HungryGoWhere boasts 1.3 million unique users and more than 100,000 user reviews of restaurants, food venues and service,” says Cheong Hai Thoo, Head, L!feSTAR, Group Digital L!fe.

Cheong oversees the Group’s ventures into digital content space, including digital music, social games, e-news, and digital concierge for food, movies and events. 

Mobile Marketing & Apps

Mobile devices have become an integral part of everyone’s lives and SingTel Advertising provides the opportunity to connect with close to four million consumers on the go. Advertisers can reach out to everyone or a selected group through various mobile marketing platforms.

Simple and effective brand awareness and promotion campaigns can be built using SMS and MMS and can even incorporate video streaming.

All of SingTel’s digital assets – NewsLoop, AMPed, HungryGoWhere, inSing Movies and SingTel mio TV GO – lend themselves easily to mobile marketing applications, giving advertisers access to very specific audience groups.

For instance, NewsLoop brings traditional media to the next level by putting together the best news and lifestyle content into a single elegant app. It helps advertisers reach out to more than 112,000 PMEBs.

AMPed, which allows users to discover, stream and download music from a library with millions of songs, appeals to casual music lovers who are between 16 and 35 years old. There are 220,000 estimated song downloads from AMPed monthly.

“Mobile app advertising is truly powerful. No other medium brings the advertiser as close to their target audience. It enables the advertiser to put his message right into their handphones which is in their pocket or in their palm at all times and is always on. Combined with the possibility of location-based advertising, retailers and restaurants can deliver the right information to their audience just where and when it’s needed,” says Cheong.

Direct Marketing 

With its large customer base, SingTel offers quick and effective reach for direct marketing campaigns. Retailers can easily reach out to 670,000 SingNet email inboxes in Singapore.

SingTel’s own billing database provides a cost-effective medium to build brand awareness and generate leads as it sends out more than 1.6 million bills per month, reaching 90% of households in Singapore. Printing an advertising message on SingTel bills or using bill inserts is a perfect solution when either critical mass or specific target audience is needed for a campaign.