FOODesign launches new cookers and fryers

Food processing equipment manufacturer FOODesign has launched a new series of automated hot oil cookers and fryers internationally.

FOODesign said the innovative batch-pro 12 model offers an efficient way to cook root and other vegetable products, such as potato, carrot, taro, beetroot and parsnip chips, with heat capacities ranging from 90 to 272 kilograms per hour.

The machine’s high efficiency burner design enables increased production while consistency is maintained. For example, a FOODesign batch-pro 12 system allows batch-by-batch cooking of thicker potato slices for higher quality, crunchier chips – making every bite a great tasting experience. Precise temperature profiling systems and quick heat recovery capabilities safeguard consistency in both flavour and colour on every batch.

With increased emphasis on waste reduction, FOODesign has gone to great lengths to ensure product sustainability and efficiency. The batch-pro 12 series of cookers incorporates an innovative continuous oil filtration system to help remove both fine and large particles. During cooking, potato slices take on 23% of the oil, meaning 77% remains after batch frying. The remaining oil is subsequently filtered out and blended with fresh oil to return levels to 100%.

Alongside this continuous oil circulation system, full temperature control is also maintained through constant and zone control systems, offering ultimate heat regulation in the cooking and frying process.

The machine’s mechanical components are easily accessible and can be serviced quickly, ensuring smooth production and long production life.