Keeping all loyalty cards in one POKET   

MANY shoppers today face a common problem — carrying too many loyalty cards and vouchers, and the hassle of filling up forms each time they want to join a new reward programme. Shoppers love loyalty and discount cards, but wish that merchants could make it easier for them.

Poket Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based mobile app company, has developed a solution for F&B merchants to streamline their loyalty programmes, rewards, CRM and marketing automation. With POKET, shoppers can put all of their digital membership cards and digital vouchers on a single app on their smartphones. They will never again need to turn their wallet upside down looking for the right loyalty card.

The merchant with the POKET solution facilitates a sale transaction by making it easy for shoppers and diners to use their loyalty cards. The customer simply downloads the POKET app and scans the tablet at the sales counter. The merchant’s membership card is then sent directly to their phone for easy access every time. POKET also makes it easy for shoppers to track and keep their rewards. No more customers forgetting their loyalty cards at home and saying they will come back later.

Loyce Tia, CEO of Poket Pte Ltd, said POKET was created when her team was challenged to find a simple way for retailers and F&B owners to issue loyalty cards and membership cards, and maximise their use.

“We were convinced that one day, all cards and vouchers will be on the smartphone. We wanted to create a flexible system for merchants to be able to customise their loyalty offers.

“With POKET, merchants could have a point system loading programme with an automatic upgrade once customers reach the points needed. Or they can offer POKET as a store-value card. POKET can also automatically generate customers’ birthday vouchers that will be displayed on the customer’s smartphone.”

Tia said Poket has more than 100 clients in Singapore, 80% of whom are in F&B and 20% are retail stores. It is also gaining popularity in Indonesia, New Zealand and Vietnam.