Chow Sang Sang launches eShop to commemorate 80th anniversary

LEADING Hong Kong jewellery brand Chow Sang Sang celebrated its 80th year milestone with the launch of an e-shop as part of its omni-channel retail strategy.

“Technology and connectedness have changed the way customers browse, shop, purchase and pay for goods,” said Winston Chow, deputy general manager at Chow Sang Sang. “Innovation and customer engagement is also important to drive positive word of mouth and nurture younger generation customers.”

“As the first jewellery company listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, we have a history and tradition that goes back eight decades and we are now combining the refinement of our traditional craftsmanship with the power of today’s technologies to better serve our customers.

“eShop is a key part of our 80th anniversary campaign,” he says.

Built with the help of Hybris Software, an SAP company and the world’s fastest-growing commerce platform provider, the eShop is a centrepiece in Chow Sang Sang’s transformation.

It will boost the brand’s ability to deliver a complete omni-commerce experience to customers not only in Hong Kong but also elsewhere in the world. At the same time, it will enhance Chow Sang Sang’s innovative edge, while building up customer loyalty, improving on its inventory management and achieving better customer service.

P17 Chow Sang SangThe company has more than 380 self-operated stores in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

Said Chow: “Our eShop not only serves customers in Hong Kong but also customers around the world. One-third of our online customers are the overseas Chinese, especially in those cities where there is a concentration of Chinese migrants, such as Singapore, Toronto, Vancouver, San Francisco and Melbourne.”

Chow Sang Sang’s 80th anniversary campaign also includes an in-store interactive customer experience using new digital technology, “Charme Touch” and “Magic Mirror”. Customers can design and ‘try’ jewellery accessories virtually and share with friends through social media.

Customers can also choose how to view and collect items — they can reserve their items online and view at the store before purchasing, or they can order at the eShop and collect them from a physical store, or ask to have it delivered.

All of these processes and digital initiatives were inter-connected through Hybris’ B2C commerce solutions.