Nestlé launches gluten-free cereal

CONSUMERS now have another healthy option for their breakfasts with the launch of Nestlé’s new gluten-free corn flakes.

Available in two varieties — Traditional and Honey — they will meet the increasing demand for gluten-free products not only in the West but here in Asia as well. They will also solve the problem many hotels have been facing as a growing number of their guests are asking for gluten-free cereals for breakfast.

P47 Nestle launchesNestlé’s new product will go mainstream by being made available in major supermarkets and with a mainstream price in line with other cornflake offerings, as opposed to the higher price usually associated with gluten-free products.

The demand for gluten-free cereals has been growing significantly. A 2014 IRI report estimates the British market alone to be worth £17.5 million (US$26.7 million) annually and growing up to 37% year on year for the past five years.

Nestlé’s Dr Jolene McMonagle, who has been involved in the development of the company’s new cereal, said it had known for a long time that gluten-free products were becoming more popular. But it also recognised that some of the gluten-free breakfast cereal products did not offer the same taste and fl avour as the mainstream ones.