Point Grey acquires tracking assets from Nomi


The Brickstream 2D sensor hardware

Point Grey, designer and manufacturer of innovative, high-performance digital cameras, has acquired people counting and tracking sensor assets from retail analytics company Nomi.

The assets include Brickstream 2D and 3D sensor hardware and firmware, Device Manager software, Wi-Fi technology, and all associated intellectual property, patents and

The Brickstream 2D and 3D sensor hardware

The Brickstream 3D sensor hardware

trademarks. A number of key Nomi engineering, sales and administrative personnel will join Point Grey to continue working with partners and ensure long-term continuity in service, support and product development.

Point Grey has been the original device manufacturer (ODM) for Nomi’s Brickstream 3D sensor since 2005, and Brickstream 2D since 2011. Since its introduction more than 10 years ago, Brickstream 3D has become the industry standard for 3D stereo vision-based people counting and tracking, with more than 150,000 sensors deployed globally.

This acquisition is said to indicate Point Grey’s commitment to supporting Nomi channel partners worldwide with reliable, high-performance and cost-effective people counting products for analytics applications in the retail, security and healthcare spaces.

“Point Grey has been actively developing 3D stereo vision sensors and people counting software since the company’s inception in 1997,” said Vladimir Tucakov, CEO and co-founder of Point Grey. “Over the past 16 years, Nomi/Brickstream has built strong relationships with retail analytics partners around the world and successfully leveraged Point Grey’s sensor technology to create the best solutions available on the market today. We will now focus our combined efforts on continuing to grow our people counting and tracking business by offering best-in-class service and support, high-quality and reliable products, and a technology roadmap that will ensure growth years into the future.”