New Tableau 10 makes analytics more engaging

Tableau 10 Features_New UITableau Software has announced the general availability of Tableau 10.  The completely refreshed design, new analytical and mobile enhancements, options for preparing data and a host of new enterprise capabilities make this one of Tableau’s most significant releases in its history, said the company.

“As individuals and organisations in Asia-Pacific ask more and more from their data, Tableau 10 answers this demand with over 30 new capabilities that deliver more analytical power than ever before,” said JY Pook, senior vice-president, Asia Pacific, Tableau. “The new design makes data the central feature. Data integration helps maximise time spent on analysis. Data analytics innovations like the drag-and-drop clusters help people do more advanced analysis of their data without needing to program, design, customise and publish a single dashboard with optimised views for any mobile device. And enterprise advancements continue to up the standard for delivering a governed, trusted self-service environment.”

Every element of the interface was reconsidered for Tableau 10 in order to maximise cognition and let people focus on their visual analysis. The new colour palette has been tuned up to ensure perceptual equality of shapes in complex visualisations and emphasis when needed.

A new custom typeface was designed in partnership with the renowned typography expert Tobias Frere-Jones. It was crafted to optimise legibility and elegance for the many types of visualisations that are possible to create in Tableau.

New default settings help people use visual design best practices for every question, but always give the option to change format so people have the flexibility to be creative and expressive with their data.