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Congratulations to all the 20 winners at FHA (Food & Hotel Asia) 2014

The following 20 winners won a copy of “The Shipping Point: The Rise of China and the Future of Retail Supply Chain Management” by Peter J Levesque:

  • Ms Teo Mei Ling, Marketing Executive, Sealed Air, Singapore
  • Mr Bernard Lau, Manager, Pro-Integration Solution Services, Singapore
  • Mr Jerry Uy, Leyte Paperworld, Philippines
  • Ms Ida Dewi, PT Citra Cita Rasa, Indonesia
  • Mr Sundeep Fernandes, Director of Products & Operations, Dubai
  • Mr Lei Thandar, Import Department, Orange Supermarket, Myanmar
  • Mr Roy Chan, Sous Chef, Who’s Bryan Café, Malaysia
  • Mr Jarrod Nguyen, Marketing Executive, Abeo Electra, Singapore
  • Mr Jerome Chan, Manager, Kitchenitos, Philippines
  • Ms Kang Melany Hung, Director, Red Panda, Singapore
  • Ms Mayette Aribon, Research & Development Supervisor, Albergus Catering, Philippines
  • Ms Joyce Lye, Singapore
  • Ms Lin Hwee, T.H. International, Singapore
  • Mr Munir Sait, General Manager, Global Reach Sourcing Consultants, India
  • Ms Lucy Lin, Singapore
  • Ms Sandra Lee, Fresh Food Project, Singapore
  • Mr Bernard Shaw, Managing Director, Sin Mian, Singapore
  • Ms Sally Yuen, Area Manager Asia, Hero Asia, Hong Kong
  • Ceylilona N Tong, Managing Director, Philippines
  • Ir Hasan Johnny Widjaja, Chairman, Indonesia Fruits & Vegetables Exporters Association, Indonesia

Look out for the next book contest!

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