Zalora boosts revenue, in-app traffic with Criteo tech

Criteo’s performance marketing solution helped Zalora achieve a 942% increase in sales transactions and 803% increase in in-app traffic.

Criteo’s performance marketing solution helped Zalora achieve a 942% increase in sales transactions and 803% increase in in-app traffic.

ZALORA, one of Asia’s online fashion destinations, recognised the need for a robust cross device to increase conversions and build loyalty across the consumer journey. While Zalora has a dynamic website, it needed to not only increase its mobile app traffic but also repeat app interactions and transactions. In short, the company had to adapt its consumer engagement strategy to become more mobile-centric as consumers’ shopping behaviours changed with the continued increase in smartphone adoption in the region.

While downloads for Zalora’s mobile applications were consistent, the key challenge its team faced was how to encourage repeat usage and increase conversions based on their mobile app.

Zalora’s team understood that to increase engagement and build brand loyalty among their mobile app users, they needed to ensure  their ads remain relevant and customised based on the preferences of each shopper. By comparing the year-on-year (YoY) data for in-app traffic and sales transactions across South-east Asia, Criteo’s performance marketing solution has helped Zalora achieve a 942% increase in sales transactions and 803% increase in in-app traffic. Using the Criteo Engine, Zalora’s team could analyse each shopper’s readiness to purchase, their navigation patterns, geographic locations and seasonality, before delivering the right number of relevant and personalised ads to boost revenue at optimal costs.

“Criteo has become a phenomenal partner for us in Southeast Asia and has significantly increased our customer interactions and brand loyalty. We have also become more efficient with our marketing spend while enabling us to maximise our profitability,” said Tito Costa, regional managing director, Zalora Group. “This is especially important during key seasonal shopping periods such as on December 12, as more retailers start to recognise these seasonality uplifts in sales.”

With Criteo, Zalora’s team saw a tremendous increase in in-app interactions and conversions while staying cost-effective on marketing spends across all their markets in South-east Asia.