Pokémon Go, Amazon Go, now Mame Go!

Mame Go! Image 1  Pokémon Go, Amazon Go, now Qoo10 Mame Go!

 Qoo10 converges online with offline retail with its new GPS-enabled game to catch shopping discounts and rewards

Online marketplace Qoo10 launched on Jan 13 its GPS-enabled Mame Go!, an enhanced version of the interactive game developed by Qoo10 and available on its online marketplace and mobile apps, Qoo10 and Live10.

In the game, Qoo10 shoppers are given three Mameballs each day to unlock and catch Mamemons, which can be accumulated to exchange for Qoo10 shopping rewards in the form of discounts, super sale coupons or Qpoints. On top of the daily allocation of three Mameballs, shoppers can also collect Mameballs through other methods such as Qoo10’s EDMs, mobile pushes and various loyalty programmes.

Online Game Brings Offline TrafficMame Go! Image 6

With the newly-added GPS feature, brick-and-mortar retailers will be able to benefit from and utilise the features of Mame Go! to attract shopper footfall to their physical stores. While the trend of ‘gamification’ has been rolled out on platforms in other countries in Asia, Qoo10 is the first in Singapore to maximise GPS features for shopping, taking full advantage of Singaporeans’ growing appetite for both shopping and gaming.

“The GPS-enabled Mame Go! reinforces Qoo10’s strategy of working for retailers, not against them. The future of retail is no longer divided between online and offline but one converged platform offering consumers an end-to-end shopping experience,” said Jacob Yu, Brand Manager & PR, South-east Asia Business Development Unit, Qoo10.
“As consumers’ shopping appetites continue to become more sophisticated and as they demand more personalised experiences, it will take a concerted effort to boost Singapore’s retail sector,” he added.

Exclusive “Brand-mons”Mame Go! Image 8

More than 100 retail brands are currently exploring the development of exclusive branded Mamemon characters, which can be caught at retailers’ brick-and-mortar shops, hence driving shoppers to their physical stores.

With 2.5 million registered users, Qoo10 has a strategic role to play in driving the online-offline convergence by bridging the gap between brick-and-mortar retailers and e-commerce platforms. Mame Go! allows retailers to further leverage the game to drive brand awareness by developing exclusive branded Mamemon characters, also known as Brandmons. More than 100 retail brands are currently exploring the adoption of Mame Go! with Qoo10, each with their own personalised Brandmons.

Visit http://qoo10.sg/mamego for more.