App encourages diners to ride the cashless wave

WAAVE, a mobile concierge service, has added machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) technology to its offerings to understand users’ habits, offer tailored suggestions and improve customer experience.

With WAAVE, customers can step into their desired F&B outlet in Singapore, place orders and make payment within the app, and have their items delivered straight to their tables. This makes long waiting times, forgotten orders and splitting bills at F&B outlets a thing of the past.

Open Dialogue, WAAVE’s newly-launched feature, leverages machine learning and AI technology to fully understand consumers’ patterns as they engage with the app. WAAVE also uses the data acquired to anticipate needs and make smart and personalised order suggestions. Within a week of usage, users will start to experience more interactive exchange with the app including what to order and where to go, said WAAVE.

In addition to individual usage, the app also takes into account other available information such as venue orders, area data and the weather to alter suggestions.

The technology allows F&B owners to seamlessly integrate with their point-of-sale (POS) system, eliminating the need to set up costly infrastructure and multiple payment touchpoints. While customers no longer have to wait to make an order, businesses also get to save an average of 30% man-hours, making way for more efficient and productive floor operations, according to the company.

Silvana-Carpanelli Hayes, founder and CEO of WAAVE, said: “We are an ordering app that also offers a cashless payment system, further simplified through the adoption of various payment gateways on behalf of these venues, including payment modes such as Paypal, credit cards, Android Pay and Apple Pay. There are no additional hardware requirements for venues should they want to join the wave, essentially turning everyone’s phones into a fully-operational POS system. Through this, we believe we can encourage more businesses to embrace a cashless future.”

Speaking to Retail Asia, Hayes acknowledged that there is a myriad of options to go cashless. “The key is to find one that seamlessly integrates with your existing system, mapping out long-term plans to bridge any gaps for profit. WAAVE provides a hardware-free solution for F&B and event businesses. This means businesses do not have to fork out upfront costs when implementing the system and this alone, plays a part with speeding up our adoption rates without eating into revenue,” she explained.

“Businesses first need to acknowledge that they want to make productivity a priority for them, and to make convenience a value for their consumers. This is fundamental as it sets the stage for subsequent initiatives in relation to going cashless.”

Launched last year, WAAVE currently has more than 21,000 users registered in Singapore. The app also has more than 70 ongoing partnerships across merchant outlets, such as Tanjong Beach Club, The Public House, Club Meatballs, and event partners, namely Oktoberfest Asia 2017, Craft Singapore and Wine Fiesta Singapore.

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