Deploying next-generation video analytics for smarter surveillance

Gorilla Technology, a global provider of video intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT) technology, recently released the Intelligent Video Analytics Recorder (IVAR) solution using the combination of ground-breaking real-time analytics and deep learning for facial and license plate recognition technology.

According to the company, the IVAR solution has the ability to track and provide valuable insights on people and vehicles for certain points of entry within residential, commercial and public buildings. The software can easily be integrated to existing surveillance cameras and systems, enabling intrusion detection and watch list for enhanced security and operational efficiencies.

“Advanced video analytics will transform the surveillance industry as we collect and extract information to provide decision-enabling data for security and commercial purposes,” said Spincer Koh, CEO, Gorilla Technology.

The newly released IVAR offers a range of video analytics features to deliver improved operational efficiency for security systems, such as intrusion detection, multi-channel configurations, centralised timeline, as well as a customised system that can schedule monitoring tasks of individual cameras to automate recordings and captures (based on specific scenarios or security levels during various times of the day).

Additionally, the watch list function automatically detects and matches faces based on stored data or preset watch lists. Advanced biometric facial recognition identifies VIPs to assist in building customer loyalty or identifies undesirable guests on blacklists to alert security personnel.

Responding to Retail Asia’s queries, a spokesperson added: “The main application for smart retail will be VIP service and loss prevention. With facial recognition, we are able to identify VIP customers for personalised service and monitor unwelcome guests. IVAR also supports intrusion detection for environmental monitoring.”

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