Improving brand building for China’s digital age

META_model_EN_Vfinal-57d08321d477843d9c3b325ed73fe116Global brand and marketing consultancy Prophet announced it has collaborated with Alimama, the marketing technology platform of Alibaba Group, to build a new model to transform brand building in China.

The companies introduced the Brand META Model to help brands drive sustainable growth, build relevance and take advantage of the unique consumer dynamics and digital eco-system of the Chinese market to fuel growth and profitability.

META represents the Maintain-Evolve-Transform Approach to brand building, and guides companies through a few steps:

Maintain — The model helps companies identify and maintain their core brand principles and positioning.

Evolve — The model evolves the strategies of classic brand building to help companies account for crucial factors like micro-segments and the role influencers play in China.

Transform — The model shows companies how to transform their approach to take advantage of the rich data and real time, omnichannel interactions that are unique to China’s digital eco-system.

The Brand META Model was created based on expert inputs, brand and secondary market data, and insights from market stakeholders.

Prophet conducted interviews with China digital experts, including well-known authority on Chinese consumers Tom Doctoroff, to obtain a deeper understanding of the impact digital has in the China market. Research was also conducted with executives of international and local leading brands in various categories to learn about the insights, experiences and mistakes from those who have successfully embraced brand building in China’s digital age.

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