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HECNA - member companies keen to take products to Asia


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HECNA - member companies keen to take products to Asia

Below is a selection of new products manufactured by companies that are members of the US-based Housewares Export Council (HECNA), which is part of the International Housewares Association. The companies featured have expressed interest in promoting their products in Asia.

Classic kitchen appliances from West Bend

The kitchen is the focal point of most homes and with this in mind, West Bend Housewares has created a new family of technologically-advanced classic kitchen appliances to help ease the workload of the home-maker.

West Bend's appliances, ranging from coffee-makers and toasters to blenders, are fast appearing on kitchen countertops in many a modern home.

One of the company's innovative products is its Rotary Snack oven. The selfcontained, 10-inch oven cooks quickly and evenly, and its non-stick interior makes cleaning up a snap.

With a compact footprint, heat is distributed evenly throughout the oven to create crispier crusts, more consistent cooking and uniform browning.

The oven can be used for a wide variety of entrees and appetisers — from frozen pizza to potato wedges and frozen samosas and curry puffs.

Essential Cedar with calming lavender to protect clothing and fabrics

Clothing and fabrics that have been stored away for some time can be irreparably damaged by insects.

Woodlore of Wisconsin, USA, which specialises in cedar wood products, is introducing a new product line infused with lavender to naturally protect clothes and fabrics. Cedar has been used for years to protect clothing from odours, and moths and other insects, said the company. Using the aromatherapy technique, Woodlore has created Essential Cedar, infusing its cedar products with lavender essence to create a calming, peaceful scent. Both cedar and lavender are ecologically and environmentally safe ways to protect products in the wardrobe.

Woodlore's Essential Cedar line comprises Blocks, Hang-ups, Sachets, Nuggets and Drawer Liners. Suggested retail prices are US$9.99 for drawer liners and US$2.99 for the accessories.

Woodlore manufactures a variety of aromatic cedar shoe trees and racks, shoecare products, hangers, and tie and belt accessories. Its products are marketed to more than 1,000 customers in 30 countries worldwide.

Zesters that wow celebrity chefs and home-makers

Microplane International produces graters and zesters that have won the approval of international chefs and home-makers.

The company's kitchen-tools division was born when a woman in Canada needed to zest an orange, one of the ingredients in the cake she was baking. Not satisfied with the grater she had, Lorraine Lee went to her husband's hardware store, saw Microplane's Rasp (a woodworking tool) hanging on the wall and took it back to her kitchen. She discovered that it gave her wonderful snowflakes of orange zest.

From that humble begin- ning in 1994, Microplane's kitchen-tool division has become known as the premier company for zesting and grating tools. Microplane's zesters and graters that offer a selection of coarse and fine blades, take the chore out of grating cheese or citrus zest.

Today, users of Microplane's kitchen tools include Jamie Oliver of the Naked Chef fame and Art Smith, Oprah Winfrey's personal chef who voted the Microplane 40020 Grater/Zester the “most coveted tool in chefdom”.

Plastic-product specialist provides ‘walk-you-through' ODM/OEM production

Thunder Group Inc, based in Los Angeles, California, offers a complete line of acrylic and melamine tabletop products for home and food-service uses.

It is a subsidiary of Tar- Hong, a Taiwanese-based ODM/OEM (original design manufacturing/original equipment manufacturing) company supplying to 4,000 national private labels and signature brand name products in the US and other markets. It has worked with corporations like Disney, Wal-Mart, Coca-Cola, US Food Service Sysco and Edward Don.

Tar-Hong's ODM/OEM design team provides a “walk you through” procedure to select suitable graphics and designs for plastic houseware, melamine dinner ware and acrylic beverage ware.

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