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Starbucks launches new store concept in Singapore


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Starbucks launches new
store concept in Singapore


GLOBAL coffee retailer Starbucks is establishing itself firmly as a leader in the coffee-cafe business in Singapore with the establishment of two new inspirational ‘third places’ in the city. It launched Starbucks Suntec Convention Centre this year on March 24 and Starbucks Marina Square on April 23.

The Starbucks Suntec outlet is the first new cafe to be opened in Singapore since Starbucks Coffee International re-acquired the franchise in 2004.

The Starbucks ‘third place’ represents a place between work and home, where people go to relax and meet friends over coffee.

“We are very proud to be in Singapore, and to be part of the vibrant coffee culture here. Starbucks is putting stores where customers want us to be; we aim to grow the market one store at a time — and one cup at a time,” said Belinda Wong, managing director, Starbucks Coffee Singapore Pte Ltd.

Located at the convention centre’s Galleria, Starbucks Coffee Suntec Convention Centre offers convention-goers and office workers an inviting environment for a coffee break.

Designed in the format of a living room, complete with a crystal chandelier, the outlet offers comfortable seating in front of a pseudo fireplace or next to a bookshelf filled with magazines for browsing.

The cafe features a luxurious glass-wall glazing that soars 11m in height, letting in daylight that varies the store’s ambience from the early hours of morning to the chillout evening hours.

In contrast, Starbucks Coffee Marina Square, set at the entrance of a hypermart, is the first of its kind in the local retail landscape. An oasis in the midst of high supermarket-shopping
activities, it is a separate zone of relaxation and calm.

This ‘third place’ caters for the individual seeking respite from hectic supermarket shopping and offers a great fit for the lifestyle of our urban customers. Specifically designed to be
cozy and intimate, it includes an inviting corner set on a raised platform, offering customers
their own personal space to use as they wish.

These two stores are the start of a new retail concept that will be seen in Starbucks’ future stores in Singapore. The coffee chain, which opened its first store in Singapore in December 1996, now has 32 stores in the republic.

Starbucks celebrates new coffee
experience in Singapore

Some 200 invited guests from the corporate and celebrity circles in Singapore were spotted at the grand opening party of Starbucks Suntec Convention Centre on 6 May 2005. Stealing the show with their flair and talent in handcrafting a cup of coffee are two celebrity baristas (right): Wykidd Song, the gentleman half of the reputable designer duo of fashion label Song & Kelly
21, and MTV VJ, model and host Denise Keller.

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