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The rebranding of Robinson
Stores hold shoppers captive with creative solutions
FHA2006 – the show worth waiting for
China’s malls and stores make the pitch with digital solutions
CPD Düsseldorf – fashion industry’s international communication platform


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FHA2006 – the show worth waiting for


Kimberly-Clark to unveil four health and hygiene products
Lessons learnt and experience acquired during the SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) outbreak in 2003 has instilled vigilance in ensuring high levels of hygiene standards. Food-safety and hygiene have become paramount to businesses and consumers in preventing an outbreak of a pandemic.

Kimberly-Clark Professional (KCP), the business division of Kimberly-Clark Corporation (K-C), will unveil four innovative products that address the need for utmost care for hygiene in the hotel and food-service industries.

Completing K-C’s Kleenex hand towel offerings are the Lite and Junior hand towels. Kleenex Lite offers the premium softness and absorbency that users expect. It is also unique in avoiding plumbing problems should users dispose hand towels into toilet bowls.

The Junior hand towel is the tiny towel for tiny spaces. The smaller sheet size and dispensers fit perfectly in work areas with space constraints and ensures that small areas, such as restaurant kitchens, need not compromise on hand-hygiene standards.

K-C’s new wiping solutions for chefs and food handlers are the HACCPcertified WYPALL L10 Roll Control Wipers and WYPALL X80 Colour Coded Towel .

The WYPALL L10 promotes the prevention of cross-contamination and is useful for light wiping tasks in food-preparation areas, which includes hand wiping and mopping up of emergency liquid spills. Another unique feature of the WYPALL L10 Roll Control Wipers is the S-shaped aperture with the innovative offset perforated roll that delivers only single sheets, thus eliminating waste caused by wiper streaming.

WYPALL X80 Colour Coded Towel is a high-performance wiper ideal for clearing away spills and cleaning-up. Colour coding helps put hygiene first and makes maintenance of strict hygiene regime easier. Through systematic use of different coloured towels for segregation of cleaning tasks, one can reduce the risks of cross-contamination. The WYPALL X80 Colour Coded Towels are available in green, blue and red. Hall 5, Booth K4-01

Weighing solutions for every occasion and every Asian country
Eye contact with the customer and maximum comfort while serving the customer is key to a successful retail operation and this can be realised with Bizerba’s latest scale, the SC-H OD 800E.

Bizerba South East Asia Pte Ltd is introducing this European-style scale for the Asian market at FHA2006. It is an ideal service scale as it features a raised display, keyboard and printer. The scale, which comes with additional language options such as Chinese, Thai and Korean, provides flexibility for retailers looking to expand their business in one or several countries across Asia.

The SC-H OD 800E is equipped with the robust graphic-capable printer offering a speed of up to 102mm/sec.

Described as a scale for the future, the scale comes with all the interfaces required for today’s and tomorrow’s tasks. Featuring a powerful 32-bit processor with standard 4MB memory, its applications and solutions includes host connection, scanner or modem.

The system can integrate up to 64 scales in a wired network or 16 scales in a wireless network.

Automatic updating ensures identical data in all scales which is more than valuable when system scales are frequently connected into or taken out of the network, such as for special campaigns. The programmable flash-RAM allows the user to update the scale’s program via PC.

The retailer who opts for this system will also find this a sound investment as it means reduced spending on materials and maintenance. Hall 6, Booth A1-01

World-class furniture, designed and made in Asia for the world

When it comes to business furniture, Kian Contract has one clear advantage — the strength and resources that come from being part of the Kian Group of Companies, a leading furniture conglomerate in Malaysia. The group is involved in design, manufacture, export, retail, contract, franchise and wholesale of furniture.

Kian Contract’s scope of business encompasses the entire range of furniture, tableware and home-decor accessories. These are locally produced by its four factories, as well as imported from its European counterpart.

The company has a wide selection of furniture produced for cafes, bistros, restaurants, hotels, resorts, serviced apartments, schools and universities.

It has expanded from furniture production to providing ‘total furniture solutions’ for its clients — complementing its product offerings with wardrobes, kitchens and home accessories.

Kian Contract’s international forays include the expansion of its stores into Bangalore, Chennai and Mulunde in India and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, and recently into Shanghai in China and Dubai in the Middle East.

Visitors to FHA2006 will be among the first to view Kian Contract’s 2006 collection — a wide selection of furniture ranging from wicker, polypropylene, metal, aluminium and wood.

Kian will also be introducing a versatile table top that is suited for almost any commercial environment. Hall 4, Booth K1-01

Canada shows off excellent and diverse range of fine foods
Canada’s vast and varied land, bounded by oceans on three sides and dotted with freshwater lakes, nurtures a diverse range of high-quality food ingredients. From wheat and canola fields in the West to maple farms in the East; from a plentiful seafood catch to speciality functional ingredients, Canada’s bounty is as diverse as its landscape and society.

The nation’s growers and manufacturers are committed to achieving the highest standards to meet customers’ needs, and as a result, its food products are appreciated around the globe.

At FHA2006, buyers from both the retail and hospitality and food-service industries will be able to see a sample of what Canada has to offer. Companies featuring a multitude of Canadian products will be at the pavilion, proudly exhibiting under the Canadian banner.

Drop by the Canada Pavilion to find out more about Canada’s food industry. Experts will be at the Canada Information Booth to answer your questions and assist you in bringing Canadian quality to your table.

To find out more about Canada’s supply capabilities, visit: http://www.ats-sea.agr.gc.ca/supply/suppliers-e.htm. Hall 3

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