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IBM SurePOS 100 gets eco-friendly with SME retailers
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IBM has launched its high-performance and eco-friendly all-in-one point-of-sale (POS) system for small and mediumsized enterprise (SME) retailers. The IBM SurePOS 100 combines remarkable energy-efficient performance and advanced retail hardening technology at an affordable price.

“It’s all about helping our small and mid-sized clients better serve their customers at a price they can afford,” said Steve Ladwig, general manager, IBM Retail Store Solutions. “IBM continues to invest in manufacturing and design processes that give [SMEs] the tools ... to help enhance operational efficiency and stimulate business growth.”

For SME retailers, the IBM SurePOS 100 combines its features with a flexibility typically available only to larger enterprises. Retailers have a choice of displays, printers and cash IBM SurePOS 100 gets eco-friendly with SME retailers drawers, plus an optional internal CDROM. Standard and powered ports connect new and existing peripherals for a cost-effective configuration.

Its integrated design and open standards allow critical applications and peripherals to be merged into one POS system, reducing costs associated with unproven solutions from multiple vendors. The SurePOS 100 supports Windows, SUSE Linux (available in 2008) and DOS operating environments to maximise a retailer’s choice of POS applications from IBM business partners.

“We are excited about the potential of this new POS solution for our business and for what it can offer our mutual customers. It is just one more example of IBM listening to the voice of its partners and the marketplace,” said Ashok Ghaligi, general manager, Retail Automation Group Forbes Gokak Ltd. “Together, we’re able to provide our customers what ... they want — simple, low-cost, energy-efficient solutions to improve their competitiveness. We will continue to work alongside IBM to successfully deliver high-value solutions that meet the needs of our clients.”

In line with IBM’s Project Big Green initiative, the new system boasts an energy-efficient (20W) C7 2.0GHz VIA process, reducing the total cost of ownership. The use of recycled materials in the optional cash drawers and energy-efficient technology positions the SurePOS 100 as a leader in today’s ecoconscious retail environment.


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