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Spinmatic’s new, improved formula is friendly to waterways
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Spinmatic, the producer of Spin Low Suds laundry detergent, has introduced an improved product that is “gentle on washing machines and friendly to waterways”.

The specially formulated powder delivers an effective and thorough wash without excessive suds coursing through the machine. Large amounts of suds are known to be damaging to drums, as the build-up of bubble residue can lead to their corrosion.

Koh Yew Hiap, managing director for Spinmatic, said: “A lot of research has gone into determining the optimum balance of suds in the wash. Our technical team has discovered a powder — Spin Low Suds — that stops washing-machine abuse.

“We have produced the best drum-friendly formula that is also kind to the environment and delivers a premium quality wash without nasty chemicals going into our waterways.”

The new Spin Low Suds is now available in Singapore, Malaysia and South Korea.


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Spinmatic’s new, improved formula is friendly to waterways

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