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Courts Megastore bags award for best visual merchandising solution
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COURTS SINGAPORE LIMITED, Singapore’s largest furniture, electronics and IT retailer, has taken home the award for ‘Best VM (visual merchandising) Solution’ at the 10th Annual Retailer Interior Awards for its flagship outlet, Courts Megastore, organised earlier this month by the UK’s retail publication, Retail Week.

In a press statement issued by the group, Courts attributed its ability to “redefine retail experience” while offering customers a balance of value and experience, as vital to winning the award.

In line with the group’s aim to provide “choice, value, service, experience and credit” to consumers, Courts worked closely with design consultant Fitch to set the blueprint for entertainment, education and interaction.

The megastore is located in Tampines Retail Park, Singapore’s first out-of-town retail location.

To help customers navigate the three-storey, 116,000sqf store with ease, a brightly coloured floor path, dubbed the “yellow brick road”, runs around each floor, guiding traffic flow, leading customers to special promotions and offers.

Two specialised areas for technology and home furnishings add to the unique design of the store. The first, Café Connect, invites customers to explorethe range of electronics and IT products available, while having a coffee or snack. The latter is a ‘Design Solutions Hub’ for homeowners, which is equipped with an on-site consultancy that provides advice on full-interior design as well as installation services.

In addition, each category comes with guides, hints and tips to aid customers in making the right purchases.The first level also offers two main features known as ‘Hot Off the Docks’, an area which showcases the latest deals at the lowest possible prices, and ‘Countdown Corner’, where customers can get special offers within a limited time.



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