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Experian launches Mosaic Singapore in partnership with SingPost
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EXPERIAN, a Dublin-based global information-solutions company, has unleashed its latest advanced consumerclassification solution in Singapore to provide a deeper insight into the local market through detailed geo-demographic and lifestyle analysis.

Jointly developed with SingPost, Singapore’s public postal service, the product, Mosaic Singapore, categorises households and individuals in the citystate. It then translates the data for use by a spectrum of clients like financial institutions, retailers, media owners, property owners and developers, and government bodies, allowing them to further develop their respective business schemes and marketing measures with greater efficiency.

“Comprehensive and accurate customer information is an organisation’s most important data asset,” said Paul

Vescovi, director of marketing solutions at Experian Asia Pacific. Through the group’s award-winning QuickAddress application, tied in with Singapore’s sixdigit postal codes, data is swiftly extracted and corrected as it is being sorted in the system, making this “a key customer- relationship management tool for Singapore businesses”.

Sam Chiu, director of business strategies at Experian Asia Pacific, added: “Experian’s unique Mosaic methodology links detailed consumer insights to specific locations, thereby enhancing marketers’ ability to identify, differentiate and locate target customers. We are very pleased that Mosiac Singapore has taken its place among a global network of Mosaic consumer classification that covers 26 countries and over a billionconsumers worldwide.”

Earlier this year, the group launched its FootFall People Counting System at VivoCity, Singapore’s largest mall, through Hong Kong-based FootFall Asia, a division of Experian. FootFall monitors shopper traffic and tenant mix for overall mall management.


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