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Philips Lighting - Creating an inspiring shopping experience with flexible lighting
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According to Philips Lighting, the global experts on lighting technology, using the right type of
light can have a dramatic impact on a retail store and its revenues. Retail Asia finds out from this
lighting expert how retailers can use lights to create “inspiring and meaningful shopping
experiences” for their customers.

Lighting, with all its subtle tones, highlights and delicate nuances, can make a dramatic difference to a retail store and retailers who invest in the right lighting solution will be able to offer their customers truly inspiring and memorable shopping experiences.

“The role of lighting in a retail environment is extremely critical, and has been underestimated in the past,” says Chandrasekhar V, Senior Director, BU Luminaires, Philips Lighting ASEAN.

The growth of GDPs in the region, higher purchasing power and the entry of more international brands into Asian markets have resulted in a more competitive, challenging retail environment,
he points out.

“To be successful in such a competitive arena, the retailer needs to stand out, be differentiated from their competitors. One way is to keep creating a new look, a new feel. But making such
changes could be costly,” says Chandrasekhar.

“A more practical and efficient approach is to use flexible lighting, which can give the retailer the freedom to create a whole new flexible approach — to create a unique look and feel.”

This is where Philips Lighting’s brand-new lighting solution AmbiScene comes in. “AmbiScene is a flexible lighting concept designed to help retailers create inspiring and meaningful shopping experiences,” says Chandrasekhar.

Philips Lighting’s AmbiScene made its debut in Europe in October 2006. Hong Kong became the first market in the Asia-Pacific to experience AmbiScene in November 2007.

He says: “Now we are looking to continue the trail-blazing with Singapore and Bangkok in the ASEAN region in the first half of this year, followed by other major shopping hubs.”  Major retailers and designers from the ASEAN will be invited to these launches.

What makes AmbiScene exceptional is that it offers retailers a lighting solution that is totally flexible enabling the shop to create and adapt the lighting to suit their customer groups, needs and
communication strategies.

What makes AmbiScene work so well in the retail world is that it is dynamic lighting that is flexible, adaptable to the environment of the shop and can be customised to match every product,
time, season or theme.

“With AmbiScene, the retailer has total control at his finger tips. The lighting can be selectively created for the entire store or an individual part of the store. It can even be enhanced to focus
on one individual customer (a VVIP customer, for instance) or a target group of shoppers,” suggests lighting design expert Matthew Cobham, LIDAC Manager, Philips Lighting ASEAN.

Clearly, this works to the advantage of the retailer as it will give the store a competitive edge. “Flexible lighting can keep pace with the speed at which collections, people and trends change. It
puts the customers — and their dominant and changing shopping motivations — at the heart of store design,” says Cobham.

Retail lighting is all about creating the right atmosphere for the right motivation. Cobham elaborates: “Philips’ AmbiScene has the flexibility to accommodate changing shopper motivation
at the touch of a button, creating the right balance for a given audience at a given time. It can also be used to reinforce specific retail themes and/or concepts, for example, tailoring the lighting
to specific seasonal events such as a summer sale or a function for the store’s VIP Card members.”

Where AmbiScene differs, says Chandrasekhar, is that it is a complete solution. “There are many players who can offer you a few products which have to be put together but AmbiScene is a
whole package delivered by a global lighting player with professional teams that deliver the product, the know-how and after-sale design and service at local as well as international levels.

“We have a very specific focus point for the introduction of AmbiScene to Singapore and the region. We will work with retailers, interior designers and architects on lighting as a concept rather than as a product. In this way, lighting becomes an integral part of the design.”


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