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Green & new hardware products attract buyers from around the world
Story 10 - Review

Asian contingent strong in the 63rd National Hardware Show, Bob Vereen reports.

INNOVATION and invention were alive and well in the 63rd National Hardware Show, held from May 6-8, in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Buyers, agents, distributors and manufacturers from around the world gathered, seeking new products and focusing on environmentally-sensitive goods, from expanded lines of VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint to hundreds of safer lawn-care and home-cleaning items.

A special Green Products World display joined the regular New Product World as a quick way for buyers to determine which products and stands they wanted to visit. Smart buyers made the New Product display their first stop to browse and identify new and established vendors or products that they wanted to add to their inventory.

Show organisers produced a special directory of all the items found in the New Product section, making it easy for buyers to get more details about interesting showcases once they return to their buying offices.

Some 35,000 visitors attended the show and examined the offerings of 3,500 exhibitors, hundreds of them first-timers.

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Green & new hardware products attract buyers from around the world

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