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Food safety and hygiene at forefront of the FMI Show
Story 11 - Review

In the second part of the FMI show, RETAIL ASIA publisher/editor Andrew Yeo takes a look at some new innovative equipment retailers have developed to enhance the safety and hygiene of our food in the wake of recent food scares worldwide.

ONE of the hot topics at the 2008 FMI Show, held in May in Las Vegas, USA, was food safety. This concern was also discernable on the exhibition floor. There were many booths offering food
operators cleaning and sanitation equipment that saves labour, time, energy and, last but not least, water! To help retailers control costs by increasing productivity and cut usage of energy and water, Ecolab was demonstrating at the show its new Formula Foam Cleaning System.

“This new low-pressure/high-foam system uses only two gallons of water per minute; it saves up to 50% of water usage compared with other ordinary systems. Moreover, tests have shown
that it cuts down cleaning time by 30%. It saves not only water and time butlabour as well,” said Matt Paine, Ecolab’s director of marketing in charge of global retail services.

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Food safety and hygiene at forefront of the FMI Show

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