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China, Canada partner up on bid to improve canola yield
Story 9 - Food Business Asia

THE National Research Council Canada (NRC) has partnered the Oil Crops Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences for genetic research to improve the production of canola.

NRC said in a statement that the Chinese research group has agreed to contribute C$300,000 (US$287,720) in cash to the NRC Plant Biotechnology Institute, which has C$210,000 worth of facilities and analytical resources, for the endeavour.

“For the first time, China is investing directly in agricultural research in Canada to advance a crop important to both countries,” said Roman Szumski, NRC’s vice-president for life sciences.

“This collaboration will help Canada and China develop higher-yielding canola, increasing both our countries’ reputation for scientific excellence in agricultural research, and creating a competitive advantage for Canadian and Chinese agricultural producers.”

The first project under the agreement entails the completion of genomic work on canola to identify genes that affect yield and adaptation to environmental stress, the NRC statement said.


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