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Magazines Archives - 2009 April

What’s up, what’s down with US consumers - It does matter and matters big to Asian consumer markets
Story 1 - One Viewpoint

The deepening recession and mounting job losses in the West have caused Asian economies to nosedive and its consumer markets to slump. Obviously, any upswing in Asian economies would depend on how the markets in the West rebound. In this context, the US market is a key factor. Therefore, how and where the US consumers are headed is not just interesting to Asian consumer markets but critically important too. What is the state of US consumers’ current sentiments and behaviour? What are the discernible trends? Asian retailers must keep an eye on the US consumer market — at least for now when Asian economies are not yet able to bank on the power of domestic consumption. by Steven HL Goh

Steven HL Goh is the executive chairman of RETAIL ASIA. He is also CEO of The Business Company, a consulting firm advising multinational retailers on retail strategies and business development opportunities in the Asia-Pacific.


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What’s up, what’s down with US consumers - It does matter and matters big to Asian consumer markets

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