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Benefits not without set-backs in India
Story 9 - Focus

Radio-frequency identification (RFID), with its cutting-edge applications and benefits, has inspired what appear to be endless possibilities for businesses.

RFID applications such as electronic tagging allows businesses to add electronic identities to any product, inventory or asset. The RFID tags store data that can be remotely accessed, allowing for integration with the retailer’s information-technology system for easy operations.

Companies seeking high standards in supply-chain management, logistic and transportation security have started applying the technology in a bid to maximise returns on their investments.

IT research firm Gartner, in its recent report, Market Share and Forecast: Radio Frequency Identification, Worldwide, 2004-2010, estimates that the global RFID market will grow from US$504 million this year to US$3 billion next year.

Some in the industry believe this level was already achieved at end-2008.

Following overheating of the RFID hype, the industry slumped as optimism turned to skepticism regarding its deployment and benefits. Now, the tide is starting to turn again in its favour, Gartner states, cautioning that there is still need to clearly demonstrate meaningful results and see genuine value gained from existing deployments.


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Benefits not without set-backs in India

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