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Retailers ‘engage’ and ‘educate’ ... through store fitting and visual merchandising
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In retailing, not judging a book by its cover is one phrase that customers do not subscribe to. Regardless of market conditions, today’s discerning customer remains relentless in the
search for the ideal shopping experience. Singapore consumers are no less demanding in that respect, and retailers are becoming more aggressive in their efforts to “stand out from the clutter
and competition”, says Kevin Sargison, vice-president of retail operations at Levi Strauss Asia Pacific Division.

“Retailers need to be conscious of [their] customers’ desires and need to build this into their merchandising displays,” Sargison continues.

The company, which recently revamped its Levi’s Lady Style boutiques across Asia to engage its female shoppers, recognises that the store is the main contact point between the customer
and its brand. As such, it ensures that store designs, fittings and displays create “a compelling and interesting environment that communicates the brand strongly in a comfortable, distinctive environment”, the Levi’s chief states.

“The new visual merchandising was designed to provide a sharper distinction between Levi’s Lady
Style and our Levi’s Red Tab collections,” Sargison explains, adding that the Levi’s Lady Style collections appeal to female shoppers who are looking for feminine, sexy jeans wear. “By zoning these collections separately, consumers are drawn quickly to clothes that match the occasion they
are shopping for, and they can head straight to it,” he points out.

“The store design aims to project a boutique concept of the Levi’s store especially for ladies, along with a sophisticated, exclusive yet approachable ambience. We also aim to offer more exciting and appealing ideas on mixing and matching to our consumers, with top-to-toe outfit solutions that are
displayed as they were designed. With the new look, we want to engage our female shoppers beyond the appeal of our products to the entire shopping experience so they connect positively with Levi’s Lady Style,” Sargison adds.


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