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3M’s new multi-touch display brings touch technology to new heights
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INNOVATIVE touchscreen solutions provider, 3M Touch Systems Inc, is set to roll out the latest addition to its 3M Display system, the 3M Display M2256PW, to engage the professional and prosumer (professional consumer), and extend the boundaries of touch technology to more users at a time.

Leveraging 3M’s Projected Capacitive Technology, the system allows for over 10 multi-finger touch input with quicker response time and advanced gesture capability, trumping the traditional two-to-four finger touch capabilities and pinch-and-expand gestures, the company revealed in a statement.

“Consumers and prosumers have come to expect multi-touch functionality in their everyday electronic devices … The release of the M2256PW display provides a technological leap in multitouch interactivity, surpassing traditional two-finger multi-touch by providing full, 10-plus-finger multi-touch capability,” said Dennis Hoon, business development manager of 3M Touch Systems.

The new display, which is compatible with Windows 7, is equipped with a 22- inch, 1680x1050 LCD screen, complete with DVI and VGA video and audio input, USB and RS232 dual-mode communication, and a “durable, anti-glare front surface”. The company also plans to expand its system to work with other operating systems such as Linux and older Windows’ versions, using a multi-touch driver and software utility.

“Over the past six months, software developers from around the world have been working with the 3M multi-touch platform to develop exciting concepts for multi-touch applications,” Hoon continued, adding that this would “revolutionise the way users interact with all types of information and expand traditional touch interaction to include multiple users and increase collaboration”. ra


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