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eBay sets sights on India’s e-commerce market
Story 6 - E-Commerce

GLOBAL auction e-commerce company eBay Inc has set its sights on India’s e- commerce market, which is anticipated to grow over the next three to five years with the increased adoption of 3G technologies and mobile broadband networks, said its president and CEO, John Donahoe, in a recent interview with local media.

“I am very bullish on e- commerce in India. I think India is still in its early days, and the Indian e-commerce market [is] growing at 30% [annually],” he said.

Donahoe added that “as broadband gets more ubiquitous”, this would bring about a change in consumer behaviour, in terms of willingness and ability to shop online.

The eBay chief predicted that as with other parts of the world, India is going through the transition to mobile devices, where “people are accessing the Internet seven days a week, 24 hours a day”.

While the company’s PayPal platform has yet to take off in the local market, Donahoe revealed that it plans to roll out the service nationwide, in compliance with regulatory requirements, adding that PayPal is “proving to be the safest way to pay online”. Additionally, the company plans to launch an Indiaspecific mobile Web solution within the next two months.

He affirmed the company’s hopes that India will lead the way for other emerging markets, with its largest global development centre in Chennai serving not only the Indian market, but also the rest of Asia.

Donahoe noted that because Indian consumers are “very demanding”, the country “will be a resource of innovation” in the next three to five years. ra

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eBay sets sights on India’s e-commerce market

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