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HOFEX 2011 – a world-class event for Asia’s food and hospitality markets
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HOFEX 2011, the 14th edition of the International Exhibition of Food & Drink, Hotel, Restaurant & Foodservice Equipment, Supplies and Service, will take place at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre from May 11-14.

Held biennially since 1987, HOFEX is one of Asia’s leading food and hospitality events, and never fails to impress industry players with new and exciting elements in every edition. Riding on the vibrant and booming Asian market, HOFEX 2011 will be the biggest-ever in terms of exhibition space. The multifaceted show will take up 45,000sqm of show space, with exhibits occupying 11 halls and concourses, according to the organiser Hong Kong Exhibition Services (HKES).

The mega-event is also expected to attract record-high numbers of exhibitors and visitors. It will be a gathering of “1,800 exhibitors including 44 national groups for the delectation of 35,000-plus visitors”, says HKES.

The national group sector has posted the strongest growth in terms of participation by countries from around the world, says HKES. This year’s national pavilions include Australia, China, Cyprus, France, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, and the US. Exhibiting under the umbrella of these groups will be a number of top-notch companies bringing to the marketplace a wide selection of well-established brands showcasing their latest product lines.

Some products to look out for this year in the pavilions include fresh milk and healthy products from Australia; fine wines from Italy, France and Spain; premium beef and pork from the US; ham, olive oil and coffee from Italy; aloe vera, seaweed and kimchi from South Korea; and other specialities such as Spanish Iberico ham and American Indian food, to name a few.

The ongoing increase in tourist arrivals to Asian destinations has fuelled the development of new hotels and other facilities catering to the tourism industry. This translates into a growing demand for hotel and foodservice products, equipment, technology and services, and HOFEX is an excellent sourcing ground for both new and existing hotels.

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