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PepsiCo makes world’s first ‘green’ bottle, relaunches quieter SunChips eco-bag
Story 11 - Food Business Asia

GLOBAL beverage group PepsiCo Inc has announced the launch of the world’s first plastic bottle made from plantbased materials. The 100% biobased bottle, which is made from materials such as switch grass, pine bark and corn husks, is expected to go into full production next year, the company revealed.

“As one of the world’s largest F&B businesses, PepsiCo is in a unique position to ultimately source agricultural by-products from our food business to manufacture a more environmentally preferable bottle for our beverages business — a sustainable business model that we believe brings to life the essence of Performance with Purpose,” said Indra Nooyi, PepsiCo’s chairman and CEO.

The new ‘green’ bottle, made from the same molecular structure as the petroleum-based PET material, is as sturdy and clear as existing PET bottles, the company maintained.

It added that it is intending to experiment with other materials such as orange peels, potato peels, oat hulls and other agricultural by-products.

Meanwhile, the group’s chips and snack foods division, Frito Lay, has relaunched a quieter version of its 100% biodegradable bag for its SunChips brand, after consumers took to social media networks to protest the noisy packaging.

Frito Lay launched its biodegradable packaged chips in 2009, but soon after received feedback from consumers that the packaging made too much noise, despite being able to completely biodegrade within 14 weeks.

Its new packaging, which incorporates a new adhesive to join the inner and outer layers of the plastic material, is expected to lower the sound produced by the bag when it is wrinkled, to 70 decibels, lower than the 85 decibels made with the bag’s original design.

“It was interesting we got a lot of extremely positive feedback … but on the same hand we heard one overwhelming complaint,” said Brad Rodgers, manager of sustainable packaging for PepsiCo advanced research.

The company will be relaunching the bags to retailers for its originalflavoured crisps, and is waiting for consumer feedback before it adopts the new packaging across its full range of crisps, it stated. ra

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PepsiCo makes world’s first ‘green’ bottle, relaunches quieter SunChips eco-bag

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