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Magazines Archives - 2011 October

Innovating retail management with cloud computing
Story 12 - Retail Intelligence

Using the cloud-computing concept as a retail management solution involves third parties hosting and managing retail software and the supporting infrastructure. Ooi Boon-Sheng of Web Bytes explains how this model can benefit retailers in terms of lower costs and easier forecasting.

AS most retailers would know, deployment of retail management systems in their organisation is not as straightforward as implementing an off-theshelf software. It needs a series of investments in hardware infrastructure such as space, bandwidth, networks, servers and storage.

Then, complicated software infrastructure as well as trained experts is required to install, configure and manage the software. What is worse is that with all these investments, sometimes even the bigger retailers do not get it right, not to mention the smaller businesses.

Moreover, in the highly dynamic retail market where stores and outlets are added or closed in a very frequent manner, retailers cannot afford to spend high capital expenses (CAPEX) on retail systems that may end up not serving their purpose. As information technology (IT) is only a tool that supports business operations, it would be better if the capital invested in such systems could be spent instead on revenue-generating activities such as the opening of outlets.

There is also the constant challenge that retailers face when it comes to knowing in a timely manner how much stock they need to procure and keep. The situation is further aggravated when they have stock distribution among their outlets.

Most traditional retail systems would not be able to provide them with the information prompt enough to allow them to respond with accurate decisions. Although the system could generate reports to help them identify problems, how many actually have the time to read them all every day?

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Innovating retail management with cloud computing

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