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Magazines Archives - 2012 September

Darkening gloom in the global economy
Part 2: What daunting issues worry Asian retailers now?
Story 1 - One Viewpoint

Part 1 of this article looked at the dismal second-quarter GDP performance practically across the board among the world's major economies. Part 2 now examines the latest flurry of initiatives in the hitherto largely ineffective attempts to nurse the global economy back to health. With the unsettled global economy not getting out the woods any time soon, uncertainties and perils continue to lurk in the Asian economies. What are the key forces that would impact upon Asian consumer markets? What are the key issues that Asian retailers need to worry about and deal with? These are crucial questions as the industry goes forth towards the all-important year-end holiday shopping season

by Steven HL Goh


Steven HL Goh is the executive chairman of RETAIL ASIA. He is also CEO of The Business Company, a consulting firm advising multinational retailers on retail strategies and business development opportunities in the Asia-Pacific.

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Darkening gloom in the global economy
Part 2: What daunting issues worry Asian retailers now?

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