Every Issue of RETAIL ASIA provides news retailers can use. Highly Professional and respected, our editorial staff and writers in Asia, Australia and America go behind news headlines to analyze and point out their impact on the retail industry.

indepth coverage on subjects of topical interests, such as franchising, QR stock replenishment programmes, successful retail techniques, human resource development, reviews of outstanding A&P campaigns and so on.

Company Profiles
articles on companies and organizations which are surging ahead in the Asian market. Plus interviews with prominent retail personalities.

Retail Technology
An insight into the latest high tech equipment being put through its paces in the USA and Europe, and how retailers in Asia can benefit from employing such technology.

Visual Merchandising
Visual Merchandising guru Professor Martin Pegler brings Visual Merchandisers new developments and techniques in store displays.

a mine of valuable research information: statistical updates, market trends and forecasts.

Property Update
a round-up on new and planned shopping centers and retail use developments coming on stream in the region.

what's hip, hop and happenin' in the rag trade.

Event Reports
previews and reviews of important trade shows and conventions which are of regional and international significance. Some of the main events that RETAIL ASIA covers include the mega FMI Convention in Chicago, NRF Convention & Expo in New York, the biennial ARCE, and many more.

a digest of the latest news, views and happenings around the region.

F&B News & Products
keep track of the fast-moving food & beverage industry, on prevailing consumption trends, and check out the latest F&B products in the marketplace.

looking to fit-out your mall or store? Check out the latest in flooring, lighting, carpeting. Shelves. Fixtures and showcases in RETAIL ASIA's Fit-Out section.

One Viewpoint
One of the region's foremost retail professionals, Steven Goh shares his views on retail strategies and points out new business opportunities in his highly popular column.


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