New e-commerce platform focuses on clearing surplus merchandise

Yonduur screenshotGlobal e-commerce marketplace Yonduur aims to tackle the industry-wide problem of moving closeouts, overstocks and excess inventory. The idea behind it is to move all of the excess and previous seasons’ goods out of the brands’ warehouse spaces and convert them into cash for their business.

The excess goods are moved through multiple channels simultaneously and the website allows shoppers to find popular brands, which are verified and registered on Yonduur, at discounted prices.

Yonduur was launched by fashion executive, author and industry veteran, Deanna Hodges who has 29 years of experience in the apparel industry. Her years in the fashion industry manufacturing her eponymous brand as well as private label for other companies lead her to develop a solution for the excess inventory and samples.

“I have tried almost every option available over the years to move close-outs in order to free up my warehouse space so I could bring in more goods. I quickly realised that I was basically giving the goods away in order to move them quickly. I had already made my money on these goods but I still felt like there had to be a better way to convert my goods into more cash and additional brand awareness for my business,” Hodges explained.

Brands can apply to sell through Yonduur at

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