Tapping wireless security system to enhance customer experience

Checkpoint Systems' Wireless Security System protects high-value electronic devices wirelessly.

Checkpoint Systems’ Wireless Security System protects high-value electronic devices wirelessly.

CHECKPOINT SYSTEMS, a global supplier of merchandise availability solutions for the retail industry, recently announced the launch of a series of revolutionary loss prevention and data analytics solutions at its Innovation Session held in Hong Kong.

The new wireless security system is the first of its kind in the Greater China market that can offer wireless security for high-value electronic devices displayed at retail stores. Currently, these devices must be attached to cables or fixed on display stands in order to prevent shoplifting.

With the new wireless security system, customers will be able to pick up one or more devices, leave the stands and walk to another display table to compare multiple devices, while the devices are fully protected by the security system. Sales representatives will have the opportunity to cross-sell different products easily. The result is enhanced customer experience while
increasing sales.

Christophe Castagne, director of Merchandise Visibility Solutions South-east Asia, Checkpoint Systems, said: “Our wireless security system has significantly simplified security and loss prevention for retailers. With two points of alarm — one at the main alarm and one at the sensor head — the shop owner or sales representatives will be immediately alerted if the device is brought beyond the designated location. The LCD on the main alarm will identify which sensor head [tripped the alarm] and the reason
for the alarm.”

The system also features cloud-based data analytics capability, generating reports on different customer behaviours such as the
total number of lifts by device, time and store, as well as dwell time by product. This information will allow the store manager/owner to identify the popular products by predicting trends, forecast where the demand will be and optimise pricing for a competitive edge, hence improving sales, margins and profits.

Analysing customers

Another product introduced at Checkpoint System’s Innovation Session is an advanced visitor analytics solution that includes all-in-one Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and a round-the-clock interactive dashboard with data processed in the cloud.

The sensors feature integrated camera and image processing capabilities that can help count pedestrian street traffic, provide
visitor demographic information such as gender, age and their mood, and conduct heat mapping by identifying ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ areas in the store (areas that are most or least frequented by customers). Its Wi-Fi tracking feature can also help distinguish shoppers from visitor flows, identify new and old visitors and track dwell times, as well as the most efficient customer routes.

According to Castagne, Checkpoint Systems’ advanced visitor analytics solution has been used by more than 4,000 stores and shopping malls globally. According to the company, the data collected and analysed has helped these retailers compare store performances, identify target groups, optimise staffing, activate and engage visitors, and improve sales per sqm of floor space.

Other products introduced at the event include the Checkpoint System’s merchandise visibility solutions, such as RFID-based tags and labels that allow each product to be tracked or located individually from the manufacturing facilities all the way to the stores; the EVOLVE-Store series that involve an app providing real-time visibility on merchandise and shopper numbers; and state-of-the-art electronic article surveillance solutions featuring jammer detection technology that can effectively protect merchandise against organised retail crime operations.

The solutions are also available in the US and Europe and will be available to all Asian markets in the future, following its debut in Greater China.

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